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The three important Ps in life: Passion for People and Photography

There are moments in life, when we feel we are completely content. When we CHOOSE TO BE HAPPY. This state of mind or even state of being can be achieved through different things: when we realize that we did the best we can. When we help others to do the best they can.
Our perspective on things also determines our ability to be happy. The glass can be half full or empty. But – isn’t it great to have a glass in the first place?

I am a ‘HAMBURGER DEERN’ with a camera. I am from Hamburg, Germany. Since more than 20 years based in the southwest of Schleswig-Holstein, not too far from my origins. I lived a corporate life as an HR and Management professional on a global stage with a great passion for people – driven by making people around me successful; encouraging them to take ownership for creating their own happiness. Help them to grow to achieve their personal greatness.

Now PHOTOGRAPHY is probably my greatest passion. And creating MY own happiness with it truly fulfills me. Photography has proven to have life saving qualities for me. It helps me to focus on little things – the beauty of every day life. On the other side it allows me to capture special moments – the big moments – and freeze them in time. But it can also be a welcoming distraction. It has shown me on several occasions that even in the most painful, darkest times there was something beautiful worth remembering. Photography multiplies happy times – as it allows me to travel back to this moment in time of joy and … awe. And – when I do that, I can take anyone with me – friends, family or – you. Reading this. Enjoying my moments and hopefully enjoying them.

A metaphorical photo for me …

Trees are fascinating to me. They produce one of the most important things for human beings: oxygen. They can give you shelter; when you look up it truly seems that the sky is the limit. Strong roots let them grow until their full potential is completely utilized. And – strong roots allow trees to weather heavy storms. Especially, when growing next to each other – giving each other the room to develop – building a group or even forest that can survive for hundreds of years.

Random thoughts on life, photography and …

Coffee Talk

October, 2021

What is it that – even as a non-coffee drinker (which doesn’t apply to me) – coffee is something we connect to conversation, to listening and to … company. May it be a restful moment by ourselves with a cup of coffee or the valued company of another person, spending time ‘over a coffee’? It is maybe this impression of … pausing. Of being in the now and enjoying it. By the way – that is something photography can have in common with coffee. Pausing, being in the now and taking it all in.

And then – no one ever said: hey let’s have a coffee, because I just don’t like being in your company. Apart from … your boss is saying ‘let’s have a coffee …’ – then you might get … well. Only positive vibes around here. For the most part anyway.

And where do you go from here?

November 2021

Photography is a good vehicle to express feelings, views on the world and a perspective of a moment in time. A photograph tells a story – and depending on the viewer, the story can actually differ from the one the photographers in mind. That’s totally okay – at least for me. What is important to me is that my photography creates a reaction. That it takes your mind (and in some cases hopefully your feelings) to a different place. That it evokes a feeling, a memory … Can a photo actually take you somewhere? Have you experienced that a photo touched you emotionally?

Long shadows

March, 2022